On Thursday, 25th January the Rotary Club of West Nassau welcomed Mr. Quentin Knowles to speak to their club. Mr. Knowles serves as the current president of the Bahamas Society of Engineers.
Mr. Knowles enlightened the club about the role that engineers play in Bahamian society. He also shared the vision of the society as it relates to the discipline in the country.
The society itself has done much work to promote engineering as a profession, inclusive of providing scholarships to interested students and advocating for higher standards in the field of engineering and construction. One of the scholarships provided is in honour of former West Club member Peter Gordon.
The presentation by Mr. Knowles resonated with many of the club's members as they themselves are qualified and trained engineers. Mr. Knowles also highlighted that one of RCWN's very own - Past President Carleton Blair - was the honouree at the Society's most recent awards ceremony in November 2017.
Mr. Knowles presentation was a part of RCWN's month-long activities in promotion of Vocational Service.
The meeting was held at the Poop Deck @ Sandyport.