On Thursday 8th February, the Interact Club of C. R. Walker Sr. High School visited the Rotary Club of West Nassau (RCWN) at its regular weekly meeting. The Interact Club took over and ran the meeting.
Vice President of the Interact Club, Chante Deal presided over the meeting. She was ably assisted by her Sergeant at Arms, Kavano Thurston, along with Assistant Sergeant, Philip Moss.
VP Chante, shared with the senior Rotarians the activities and projects that her Interact Club has completed so far this year. She also outlined the plans for the balance of the school year, including a beach clean-up and an end of year social. At the end of her presentation, VP Chante  introduced her board members present, and responded to questions raised by the RCWN members.
Accompanying the board, were faculty advisors Mrs. Gabriel and Mrs. Russell.
C. R. Walker Interact Club is appreciative of the support offered by RCWN and looks forward to continued and intensified support for the balance of the school year.
The meeting was held at the Poop Deck at Sandy port.